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Welcome to Mad Skull Records. We are a small recording studios that set up five years ago to help up-and-coming artists. We offer studio time in a reasonable price that anyone can afford. We believe in helping people take the steps to be heard by the world.

In the past couple years, we have begun giving lessons to those interested in starting their music careers. We focus on singing lessons and guitar lessons. Our main focus is on guitar lessons. There are many things that go along with learning to play the guitar. You must first choose the guitar that is right for you, then learn how to play it.

The experts at Mad Skull Records are here to help you every step of the way. We can help you find the right gear, then learn how to play successfully. With their monthly jam sessions, you will have a chance to try your new skills on a regular basis.

Come on, pull up a chair, and play along with us. We will be covering different aspects of playing the guitar in this blog, so I hope you will follow us. Check back often for new information and inspiration.