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Around the world, there are many fretless instruments, but one that is often not mentioned is a fretless guitar. The fretless guitar doesn’t include frets that are normally seen on a traditional guitar. Using a fretless guitar creates a new sound that is less amplified, but warm and unique.

To better understand the fretless guitar, it is best to first understand what the purpose of the fret is. The fret simply segments the guitar’s neck into several sections. They alter the guitar sound by serving as tension points. A guitar with frets gives the semi-tones that are standard in the West. The frets also help provide a guide for the musician.

An unfretted guitar, though not common, can be very rewarding as you learn to play. This type of guitar has many advantages and disadvantages, and there are several tricks that you need to consider before you decide to pick one up.

One of the biggest advantages of the fretless guitar is the range of sound you can produce with it. This guitar can produce the sounds beyond the Western music scale because the strings are not spaced by frets. Frets on a traditional guitar impose limitations on the player. A fretless guitar gives the freedom that is useful for anyone interested in creating more exotic sounds that is often heard in Eastern music and can be hard to reproduce on a fretted guitar.

A fretless guitar encourages a player to rely on their year while playing, increasing their technique and skills as they perfect their craft. It also gives a unique sound and fluidity for the player.

It can be a very rewarding endeavor to learn to play a fretless guitar. Many players that have mastered the traditional guitar become particularly interested in learning. The fretless guitar can add greater freedom of sound and a new layer of difficulty that many professional musicians enjoy.