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Dealing with guitar feedback can be a pain. Basically, feedback happens when speakers amplify the sound, then that sound travels back to the microphone and is again amplified, and in travels through the speakers again. This can happen so quickly that its own frequency is created, resulting in the shrieking noise of feedback. Most musicians find feedback to be a negative experience when they are trying to play their song. Feedback can also occur, though, when there is high gain in the output of the guitar. There are many ways that you can help control feedback, but there are also ways to increase the chances of feedback occurring. We need to reiterate that feedback only occurs in a system that is at a point of residence in high gain. Though it can be challenging to control feedback, it is possible. Preventing Guitar Feedback We will first look at a few […]

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There’s a good chance that your child chose to play the guitar if they are taking lessons. Unlike other instruments, it’s usually the child’s choice to begin playing a guitar. Taking guitar lessons specifically for kids is a great place to start, especially when the lessons are geared toward their age. Of course, the only way your child will truly learn the guitar is by practicing regularly. When your child chooses to play a specific instrument, it can be a unique challenge to practice. They may believe they will begin sounding like a rock star with little to no effort. Before long, they may become disillusioned and discouraged by their lack of progress. If you decide to give them a strict practice regiment, you may do them more harm than good. Since your child is interested in playing the guitar for fun, practice should be enjoyable. Recommendations for Practice Just […]

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Are you considering purchasing a new guitar? If so, that is a big decision. Buying a guitar can be a big investment, especially if you are looking for a higher end brand or model. In fact, you can spend hundreds to thousands on purchasing a new guitar, depending on what you are looking for. Before you decide to make a purchase, it is important to do a lot of research. How should you start researching, though? There are so many brands available, which can make it hard to determine which guitars are worth the money. You should also think about what is really needed to keep you playing and practicing to perfect your music. When determining which guitar you should buy, whether you are a beginner or professional, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Below are five of those questions to consider. 1. Does the guitar sound […]

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If you are interested in learning the bass guitar, and are unsure if the bass guitar is a good fit for you, it is best to purchase a starter bass. Most starter bass guitars can be found for under $200. In comparison, professional models can cost more than $1000. Of course, as with anything else, you typically get what you pay for. Though it may be tempting to buy a vintage Fender for $5000, the beginner instruments are best to start with since they will help you get through the early phases of learning the guitar. Set a budget before searching for your bass guitar and get a better understanding of what you are looking for. This will help you make an informed decision on what to buy. When I was working in lawn care, my budget was very limited, but I found a great bass guitar for a price […]

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Around the world, there are many fretless instruments, but one that is often not mentioned is a fretless guitar. The fretless guitar doesn’t include frets that are normally seen on a traditional guitar. Using a fretless guitar creates a new sound that is less amplified, but warm and unique. To better understand the fretless guitar, it is best to first understand what the purpose of the fret is. The fret simply segments the guitar’s neck into several sections. They alter the guitar sound by serving as tension points. A guitar with frets gives the semi-tones that are standard in the West. The frets also help provide a guide for the musician. An unfretted guitar, though not common, can be very rewarding as you learn to play. This type of guitar has many advantages and disadvantages, and there are several tricks that you need to consider before you decide to pick […]

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It is imperative to master the basics you learn guitar. There are some tricks, though, that can be used to lose the sound of your guitar. One of these is musical dynamics. These directly affect the way you play notes. You can sound more like an experienced guitarist as you learn to use musical dynamics. Musical dynamics seem to be a big secret in the guitar world that no one talks about, but everyone knows. Many believe that using guitar dynamics is what makes someone sound like a professional. It seems that all guitar idols have become masters of dynamics and are able to control the technique completely. The best part about guitar dynamics is that, once someone begins to use them and apply them appropriately, they can begin to sound like a pro even if they are a beginner. Guitar dynamics are defined as the way of certain pieces […]

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A great way to practice your guitar playing is by using the interleaved practice method. This means experimenting using three sets of three as you practice your guitar routine daily. This could look like practicing verse chords of the song, then practicing a scale, then practicing alternate picking. That would be one set. Practice this three times in a row. Why it Works Using this routine is great for practice because, when you move from one technique to another, you have to quickly forget what you just practice. When you return to it, you must remember it again. Study showed that this act of remembering, known as effortful recall, helps to improve your playing long-term. Practicing and set of threes help you to solidify the neural connections, helping you to better remember. Why Interleaved is better than Traditional Practice The effects of interleaved practice over your traditional practice routine needs […]

A guitar is a very sensitive instrument. When the temperature and humidity change, the wood it is made from begins to expand and contract. This can cause the tension in the strings to change, causing them to get out of tune. You guitar may also begin going out of tune as you continue to play it, especially if you have the tendency to play hard or if you bend pitches frequently. Because guitar tend to be sensitive, you must tune your guitar on a regular basis. The best times to do it are for every practice and any time your guitar begins to not sound right. Occasionally, even a professional musician must take time in the middle of their performance to tune their guitar. Making the Tune Last Longer You are interested in making your guitar stand to longer, you can change the strings regularly. You may need to change […]