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There’s a good chance that your child chose to play the guitar if they are taking lessons. Unlike other instruments, it’s usually the child’s choice to begin playing a guitar. Taking guitar lessons specifically for kids is a great place to start, especially when the lessons are geared toward their age. Of course, the only way your child will truly learn the guitar is by practicing regularly.

When your child chooses to play a specific instrument, it can be a unique challenge to practice. They may believe they will begin sounding like a rock star with little to no effort. Before long, they may become disillusioned and discouraged by their lack of progress. If you decide to give them a strict practice regiment, you may do them more harm than good. Since your child is interested in playing the guitar for fun, practice should be enjoyable.

Recommendations for Practice

Just like any instrument, your child will need to practice the guitar regularly. The average amount of practicing should be at least 2 to 3 hours weekly. It is recommended to break this down into six days a week at 20 minutes a day.

If your child is unable to practice 20 minutes a day, they can break up their practice into 30 to 45 minutes each day over the weekend, then play for 15 to 20 minutes three days during the week.

If your child is extra time on the weekends, practicing around five hours weekly will help them see better results. Give them time to get lost in their music while ignoring the clock so they will see practicing the guitar as a fun experience rather than a chore.

When your child is at guitar lessons, their focus is more own the technical and execution aspects, so less focus is given to the music itself. When your child is at home practicing, it is the best time to leave them alone and let them get lost in their music.