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A guitar is a very sensitive instrument. When the temperature and humidity change, the wood it is made from begins to expand and contract. This can cause the tension in the strings to change, causing them to get out of tune. You guitar may also begin going out of tune as you continue to play it, especially if you have the tendency to play hard or if you bend pitches frequently.

Because guitar tend to be sensitive, you must tune your guitar on a regular basis. The best times to do it are for every practice and any time your guitar begins to not sound right. Occasionally, even a professional musician must take time in the middle of their performance to tune their guitar.

Making the Tune Last Longer

You are interested in making your guitar stand to longer, you can change the strings regularly. You may need to change them once a week or once a month. It all depends on how often you play your guitar. It also depends on how you store your guitar when not in use. To protect your guitar from the changes in temperature and humidity, it is best to store your guitar in a, dry place in a hard case when you’re not playing it.

By following the tips above, you should be able to keep your guitar in tune. If you continue to have issues regularly with your guitar getting out of tune, there may be a problem with the intonation of your instrument. The intonation is the guitar’s ability to hold pitch. Basic wear and tear on your guitar can affect the insulation, but the way it was manufactured can also play a part. If you need help finding the best solution for your guitar tuning, talk with your local guitar shop employee. They will likely be able to help you figure out your issues and help you with tuning your guitar.